Monday, May 18, 2009

Big D..

Deload week officially started on Friday.
Friday fun:
2 rounds:
3 minutes per exercise
Sandbag clean to step-up
whip smash to rope pull
shovel lift*

All of these are new exercises. I like the first two and will use them again. The shovel lift places too much emphasis on the lower back. Dealing with rowers and jiu-jitsu fighters this is a problem. Not nearly as much oblique, hip extensor, and rectus abdominus recruitment as I'd thought.. they go in the scrap pile.

Saturday was class then open mat. I had good rolls with Neil and Paul. I pooped out pretty fast, but felt like I was moving pretty well. I still have problems converting "back control" to back mount. I'm going to have to look at that.

Sunday: Solid hour and a half climbing with the wife. Lots of fun.
Then straight to the gym. Military Day: deload week.
Military press:
10 at 45
5 at 65
5 at 85
5 at 105

rows and dips superset:
10/10 rows at 65
10 dips at bw

face pulls

all in all a great weekend.
I had a bit of a cough that kept me up last night, which is bothersome.. I'll have to watch that.

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