Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Constipated cats, torn callouses.. and god knows what else.

Yesterday after work I headed straight to the gym at work and did some light conditioning. I've been under the weather and it's a deload week so I did:
kb snatches at 44:
10/10/10/10 x2

man makers at 2x35lbs:
10 x2

kb swings at 44:

I put the bell down and felt a sickening feeling in my hand. A callous tore almost completely off. I was bleeding pretty significantly.. so I called it a day. See grainy cel phone photo below:

I went home and had some tasty pork chops, and as I started to get ready for bed. Tenzing the cat (who had been a pain in the rear all night) started to make a lot of noise, and then vomit about 50% of his body weight... three times. I went to pick him up to check on him and he mewed pretty pathetically. I won't get too far into the gory details, but he eventually passed a hair ball (southbound on a northbound cat) and that seemed to get him unstuck. By the time I was convinced he was ok, and was not going to need a trip to the (very expensive) emergancy vet it was about midnight.. seems that the powers that be have decided I am not allowed to sleep this week. Oh well. I'm just glad my little buddy is (I hope) ok.


AE said...

As owners of a hairball-prone cat, we swear by the tuna-flavored variety of Laxatone. Brandy chirps in excitement and licks her lips when we bring out the tube, so it is no problem getting it into her. Granted, she still throws up a fair bit, but we spend much less time pulling poop from her butt. Really, doesn't everyone win in that situation?

J. B. said...

We've had Tenzing for a couple years, and this is his first bout, but an ounce of prevention...

J. B. said...

thanks for the tip!

AE said...

You can get it through your vet, but don't bother with the malt-flavored variety. Really, what cat prefers malt over tuna? Good luck!

Code name: 1% said...

1. Ew


2. Ew

Those referred to your torn callouses and non-poopy kitty, respectively.

Hope you're both feeling better, though.

Code name: 1% said...

Also: The Furminator. A ridiculously expensive cat brush that is worth every penny. You just have to be careful not to overdo it or you'll end up with a bald cat.