Monday, April 27, 2009


Last weekend I was headed down to Portland for work, and on the way my mp3 player shot craps. Last Sunday I picked up a new 8 gig zune. The best part of it is that I've finally gotten off my butt and started listening to "the fitcast" which is a great resource. Kevin Larrabee is a good dude. I met him when I went out and visited Cressey Performance, and he was nice enough to put up with my questions. There is a lot of information in these pod casts, and they're pretty well produced. I recommend them highly.
training last week:
Partner work:
5 min rounds.
push prowler, rope pull.

man maker's (3 rep alternating sets)

kb clean and press/chin up
1-? ladder.

Saturday BJJ. Didn't work technique, just rolled. Pretty light. Felt like I was moving pretty well.

Saturday afternoon lifting.
5/3/1 deads:
3 at 295
3 at 335
9 at 375
these all felt very light. good groove.

glute/hams (10) and single leg squats (5/5)
all at bw.

Sunday, did some climbing with my friend Joe, then (with Joe's help) cleaned out a bunch of stuff from storage to sell on Craig's list and ebay. Had a blast climbing. I haven't done that in years. I stink now, but am getting better.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Mr. George Jones:


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