Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Training at work.

yesterday's training:
week 2, bench.
10 at 45
5 at 135
3 at 160
3 at 180
9 at 205

chins: 25 total reps 6 sets

push ups: 50 total reps 3 sets

bent rows: 16 at 135

Afternoon conditioning:
clean and press/chin ladder

jump rope intervals (1 min on/off)

good training day. I was expecting to hit 7 at 205, and was very happy to hit 9. Chins were a little weak, but I had a lot of volume of these today.
I was limited in my conditioning options because my hamstrings are very sore from deadlifting on Saturday, then climbing on Sunday. Lots of stretching and foam rolling later, I'm feeling much better now.
Looking forward to jitz tonight.

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