Thursday, April 23, 2009


Start of the second week of 5/3/1:
military press:
10 at 45
6 at 95
3 at 115
3 at 130
6 at 145

dumbbell rows:
11/11 x3 at 80
superset with bw dips:
12, 12, 20
next week will be 12/12 and 12, 15, 20.

face pulls:
2x20 at 90

max rep chins:
5 again, kind of lame, but that's a lot of volume before these. They'll come up.

conditioning in the afternoon:
warm up.

2x20 long cycle clean and jerk at 2x26 lb kb.

bb complex:
Snatch-burpee x5
clean and press x5
front squat x5
walk the length of the basketball court.

Last night's bjj:
choke from back mount, and two escapes from back mount. The first one I am pretty good at sliding my shoulders to the floor and slipping away. The second, walking my hips over the legs of my opponent and coming out can be hit or miss. I think I really tightened it up last night though. I'm not turning my hips enough. I'll have to use it in sparring before I know.
After that 4 of us went 1 minute rounds with one of the guys who's competing in a couple of weeks. My stand-up felt pretty good, a little sloppy, but I got 3-4 takedowns per 1 minute round and only got taken down once because I got lazy. In all fairness my opponent was tired as hell by the end of it so keep that in mind.

all in all, feelin' good.

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