Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dana White is a jerk.

There has been much back and forth between (a if not 'the' website for MMA news) mostly because Dana White (the head of the UFC) lashed out against one of their reporters. He included in his insults but did not limit himself to referencing an old english word that once meant 'a bundle of sticks.'
Well, gentle reader, I am in no way surprised. When it comes to all things business Mr. White has a lot in common with Mr. Blonde. He's a shark, cut throat. It's made him, and by extension the UFC very successful, but it's not terribly endearing to more educated fans of MMA. Considering the success and lack of credible competition for the UFC/WEC juggernaut it's not about to change. Fans of fights and fighting want the UFC to succeed. We want a blue collar everyman at the helm, but intimidating reporters, and excluding certain business managers from back stage at shows? Cutting fighters who refuse to release their likeness in perpituidy? Seems beyond the pale of running a successful business to me, but it's not my business. What's more Mr. White does not pretend to be a nice guy when it comes to his business. I have a feeling if asked directly "When it comes to the nuts and bolts of your business, are you a nice guy, or are you a jerk?" He would admit to being a jerk. So why all the surprise over a sherdog? I don't really know.

Training this week:
Monday: jiu-jitsu had a roll with Griff no-gi. Went ok. He's still very difficult to handle. We worked on a very cool move to take the back when your opponent tries to roll away from you.
Then I had a light roll with Paul, and called it a night.

Yesterday: Day time conditioning:
45 sec jump rope
10/10 kb snatch at 53
5 pull-ups
10 dips

night lifting:
deadlifts (from a 4" advantage)
worked up to 1 at 475
then 3 at 405

bent rows:
worked up to 5 at 175

elbows are still sore, so no pressing today.

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