Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5/3/1 day 1.

things are crazy busy at work. I'm trying to keep my training levels up, It's been an experience.. so of course I'm starting the 5/3/1 program this week, why the hell not. Remember folks, as always: I am an idiot.
My training maxes for this 4 week cycle are:
Military: 160
dead: 415
bench: 225
squat: 275

You will note that these are pretty exceedingly light, that is one of the implorations of the book/program. Underestimate your max, and multiply it by .9 that is your training max. Check your ego and you will make progress. Placate your ego, and stall.
1 main movement per training session, 1-4 assistance exercises per session. Main movement is done in building sets with the last set being "all out" aka "failure-1."
All others done higher reps depending.

Today's lifting:
warm-up (medicine ball throws, some movement/mobility work)
my shoulders poop out quickly.

super set:
dumbbell rows 10/10 at 80
dips 10 at bw
dumbbell rows 10/10 at 80
dips 10 at bw
dumbbell rows 10/10 at 80
dips 15 at bw

next time will go for 11/11
and 12,12,20

face pulls:
2x20 at 90

1 set max reps at bw:
5 (lame.. my upper back and arms were toast by then)

Monday Jitz:
worked lots of control from side control, worked on taking the back if your opponent rolls away, and worked a choke and an arm bar. I really need these submissions. I get to side control very easily and need to be able to finish a fight from there.

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