Wednesday, March 11, 2009


“Sometimes at night. When I hear the wind. I wish I was crazy again.”
-John R. Cash.

Great article on the today about the man in black.

Jitz on monday:
technique of the day: Triangle, opponent defends by stepping around the head, re-roll to top mount triangle. Finish triangle/armbar/wristlock/shoulder lock.
Rolled No-gi with someone who outweighs me considerably. I had control of the stand-up, but should have done more.. still a little sloppy on the feet.
Had some moments on the ground, but took a beating on the bottom of half guard. I just can't stay up on my side with this guy. I just get smashed. Need to work on that.

Wrestling last night:
worked low single and lots of footwork. I have said it before, and I'll say it again: my coach in high school sucked. He got away with it because the feeder program was great. I learned a lot about how NOT to coach from him.
did some pull-ups after practice, and talked a little jiu-jitsu/catch wrestling with the other coaches after practice. Lots of fun.

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