Monday, February 23, 2009

There is no charge for awesomeness...

Not that I have been particularly awesome.. I just like that line from Kung Fu Panda.
Friday I was back to it. My elbow is managed, but not 100%.
Max reps
Snatch in 5 minutes 44 lb kb.
Me: 147
Paul: 131
Joe: 148 (with 35 lb bell, he has been having shoulder issues)

Then hot-foot medicine ball throws with full rest.

then suspended plank for max time:
Me: 2:31 (just off pr of 2:36)
Paul: 1:46
Joe: hmm forgot. I'm a little sleep deprived.

went to class did some basic collar chokes. Then several rolls. I felt pretty good considering I'd been off the mat for a week. Movement is coming back, and still working on being tight and heavy.

Saturday at the gym:
lots of hip work to warm-up.
trap bar deads (this is an old trap bar so the handles are at the same height as the pin, so this is a LOW dead)
worked up to 3 at 405.

4x5 at bw

face pulls:

Saturday night was UFC 95. Some good fights, and a lot of over matched opponents.
Ciesnolevicz heel hook was vicious. That move makes me ill.
Stefan Struve needs to eat something. He has the frame to be a major factor, but he needs to fill out.. a lot. He's just a kid. He has time.
Koscheck was out. He needs to watch the tape before protesting so effusively.
Sonnen v. Maia was the fight I wanted to see. Maia is astoundingly slick. I can't believe he threw Sonnen like that (Chael was an alternate on the U.S. greco squad). I don't think there's a better guy on the ground than Demian Maia, at least not one who is fighting currently.
Dan Hardy bugs me. Too much bravado, not enough accomplishment.
The cut to 155 didn't bother Diego Sanchez.
Once again Joe Stevenson had a very tough time with a fighter who negated his ground game. It's hard for a short guy on the feet, but he needs to work on it, or he's going to quickly slide down the rankings.

Had the in-laws over for dinner last night. It was fun, but my sleep has been all screwy.
Hopefully that will settle down.

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