Friday, February 13, 2009

president's council on physical fitness and sports, and other childhood issues.

As I have said before I was a fat kid.
Unlike alot of fat kids, I didn't hate most of the President's council on physical fitness testing we did in grade school. The shuttle run was fun, push-up test was ok, I hated the mile run for time, but we're talking about running in Missouri in late summer: fun for no one.
I did always hate the pull-up test. Not because it was hard, but because I was terrible at it. I never even got a chance to try. Grab the bar, hang there for 3 seconds tugging (not moving, but tugging) flop to the floor and go back to the end of the line. The gym teacher writes a big fat ZERO in his book. Then little Timmy, the snot who called me fatso on the playground and got roundly pounded by a girl that same recess for calling her names, would hop up there and bob up and down 12 times before starting to struggle. Seemingly there for an eternity. Jerk.
I hated pull-ups. Even when I got to high school and leaned out I hated them. Even my senior year, weighing a tidy 185, I couldn't do more than 2-3 pull-ups.
Getting my shoulder fixed allowed me to kick my ego to the curb. I knew I was weak as a baby fart and had no excuses. So I worked on the things I suck at (remember kids, if you suck at something you need to do it more). I have worked on my pulling.
Last night I did 10 strict Pull-ups. Neutral grip. Stop at the bottom, pull yourself until your elbows touch your sides, and no kipping.
This is not an impressive feat by most athletic people's measure, but for a 5'10" 215 pound former fat boy 5 weeks out from his 34th birthday: I'm pretty stoked on it.

here's last night's training:
1 leg box squats:
2x 5/5 at bw
2x 5/5 at +25
5/5 at +45
my right leg sucks at these.. I'll be doing them more.

worked up to 4 at 4 plates

Pull-ups: 1 set max reps
10 at bw

worked up to 4 at 155

Complex: all at 40kg
5 narrow grip hang snatch
5 ohp
5 front squat
5 bent row
rest 90


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