Monday, February 16, 2009

Just training updates.

1 minute on 1 off x4 per station:

A) suspended planks with a "flutter" (great ab exercise from this article by Mike Robertson) we did these with feet at the same elevation as hands)

B) Kettlebell clean and press (long cycle). Switch hands each rep.
44 lb kb.

C) prowler hand-over hand (add weight each cycle till max weight and go back down)
I made it up to prowler + 230.

Class was standing to break the guard, then passing with the same-side knee through.
3 rolls at open mat. Win some, lose some. (notice I did not say "loose" lose and loose are not the same thing).

My elbow was bugging so only lower body stuff at the gym:
worked up to 5 at 275.
then single leg RDL:
3/3 at 135
x 3.
lots of stretching.

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