Friday, January 23, 2009

To sleep per chance to dream..

I've been going to bed early a lot of late. I genuinely feel better. It won't last, but it's nice for now.
training last night:
deads: (conventional)
worked up to 1 at 455. I totally smoked 425. Something was different in my technique, and I tried to relive it with 455 and got out over the bar and things went all pear shaped. I'll have to work on this some more and figure out what I did.
3x 10 at 315 just trying to get the metabolism cranked up.

kneeling 1a cable rows:
5/5 at 120, 130, 140, 140

4/10 at bw
2/5 at +25 rest
2/5 at bw x5 no rest.

done and done.
left the prowler off this week, will bring it back into the fold next week.


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