Monday, January 12, 2009

Compact Disk.

I have undertaken a project to rip all of the music I have from cd to mp3. It is an undertaking. From there I am planning to set up a media server on my home network so that I can listen to music from anywhere in the house. I have been digging through, and found some cds that I thought I'd lost. It's been pretty great. Made me think of old stories and old friends. More on that as it develops.

Friday fun:
push prowler+140 down and back (timing station)
kb swings at 44 lbs
zercher carry sand bag down and back
Full rest.
rope climb

Jitz. worked a simple arm bar and sweep. Touched up my technique.
Rolled with a new guy Heath. He's coming along. He makes a lot of basic mistakes, but only makes them once. Then went no-gi with Sam. I have moments rolling no-gi, but I tend to use my head to control my opponent. It's a problem. Sam got me good with a couple chokes. My throat still hurts. Rolled with the professor for a good while also no-gi. He totally controled the action, but at least no-gi I was able to push the pace.. at least until I wasn't.
I got home completely spent. I rested a bit then headed to the gym:
worked up to 4 at 315 then
2x5 at 275
My hammies are still sore.

then DB 1a ohp:
worked up to 4 at 65

2/5 at bw
x5 no rest

face pulls:
20 at #8
15 at #10
10 at #12
5 at # 14

hope you had a good weekend as well.

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