Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dirt Track Date..

Good song.. for no reason:

I was annihilated after training last night. Lots of position work, and work on triangles. I had just enough gas to get through. I need to keep an eye on my carb intake on jiu-jitsu days. The slim down is going well, and while the numbers on the scale haven't moved much, I am looking tighter, and feeling lighter. I was sore as heck this morning, but I've warmed up and feeling ready for the gym.
Got what I consider to be a compliment from the professor last night:
He said "you're very deliberate, you don't freak out. Which is good. I usually count on taking advantage of (people freaking out) ."
I replied that I might make the wrong ones, but everything I do is a decision.
It's hard to gauge progress when I am so wiped out. After last night I was just bummed out, but I can't tell if it was because I really was having a hard time, or simply because my blood sugar was too low. I felt better after a shower and some food.
Are my standards too high? I don't think so.. but then again I may not be the best judge. If I were better would I be content? How good is good enough? I certainly don't know.

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