Friday, January 9, 2009

Losing to win.

Ok folks after the eat-a-thon that occurred over the new year, It's time to drop some lbs. Nothing major 15 lbs or so in 3 months. I need to be competing at about 200; the 220 weight class is a bit heavy for me. With that in mind I've already added more energy systems work (prowler pushes and the like) you may have noticed that. Now I've added more veggies to my diet and am cracking down on portions. Simple changes, but should get me down pretty easily without feeling like I am being deprived.
That said I'm also going to knuckle down and get my hip mobility 'right.' My hips are about as mobile as a Christmas goose. They are better. I have been working on them, but it's still very much the limiting factor in most of my major lifts. So that means more free squatting, more mobility drills and stretching on my off days. Until this gets right my squat work is going to be pretty pathetic (more so than usual) I am hoping that all of the prowler pushing is going to keep my posterior chain strength up while I work on this. We shall see.

Last night:
Had to do standing military presses before squats because I had to share the equipment.
No biggy.
100x 20
150x 5, 6, 4, 4, 4
(damn I suck at these)

zercher squats (deep as I can get. Well below parallel. long pause at the bottom)
135 sets of 6

7 at bw
3 at +20
4 at bw
4 at bw

sandbag rows:
25 total reps little rest.

prowler pushes:
140 lbs
down and back (30m + turn)
rest (walk down and back)

Pounded, smoked, battered and fried.

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