Monday, December 22, 2008


From the snow that has Seattle soiling itself, to training all last week, I have been a blog slacker. Sorry for that gentle reader. I do try to keep you up to date.
Last week was an in depth training on Cisco VOIP technology. Interesting stuff.. to me at least. Very simple at it's simplest, but quickly gets very convoluted.
Thursday night was a decent lifting session. I got out of class early because of the snow, and headed straight to the gym.
conventional deads up to 455.
close grip bench up to 5 at 205
lots of face pulls and a bunch of prowler pushing.

Friday the roads were icy and since my training was in Seattle's very hilly downtown I opted to walk. Not too bad. 5.5 miles. It would have been fine except that 5.4999 miles of it was on ice.
One bonus was that I was able to pick up some Nike frees on major sale at the Nike store downtown.
Since everyone from the Friday fun group bailed on me I did a bunch of prowler pushes on my own. Loaded it up with 150 lbs and went as fast as I could on the high handles. Good stuff. Sometimes it's fun to train on your own, crank the music that YOU like, and get after it.

Saturday was jiu-jitsu. Had a good roll with Sam who is back from his knee troubles. For a while my game was too controlled, too tight. I am starting to relax and just move and keep on moving, that makes good things happen more often than not.
Saturday after noon was glute hams, 1a dumbbell row/1a dumbbell press superset, and chins and dips in a superset.

Today was a scheduled half day off work. Could have been a whole day. there was no one in the office. Couple controlled rolls with some new guys. Then I made some eclairs for the wife's grandmother who likes them. Not the prettiest pastries in the world, but they are tasty.

If you're in Seattle, stay safe out there. There are some idiots on the roads.


Jesse said...

I'm trying real hard to feel bad for you with that snow and all.

J. B. said...

It's not the snow, really. The problem is that King County, has 38 snow plows. Total. For the entire county. THey just got the highways plowed last night. The city bus drivers are terrible in the snow, I have personally seen 5 jackknifed and clogging up major roads. Combine that with all of the people who have no IDEA how to drive in this stuff. Trust me it's a huge pain in the ass.

Jesse said...

Oh I believe you.

I read a blog entry about how people start driving like there are "knives, fire, and newborn babies are falling from the sky."

Good luck riding it out over there. Sounds like their snow plow situation is only marginally better than Mississippi, where the "Snow Plow" is 3 guys on a tractor with all the Morton's salt that the local piggly wiggly could spare.

In the south when it snows, people get one tire onto it and their cars immediately flip over and catch on fire.

True story.

J. B. said...

Being a man who thinks "rofl" is not an appropriate response to anything, I have no response to your comment. Well done sir, well done!