Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Main Course.

I've been pondering quite a bit what it means to be 'old' or at least 'an adult.' I'm knocking on the door of my mid-30s now, and frankly I remember my father being.. well: old by this age. Sure he smoked, ate like crap and didn't exercise, but I'm actually a better athlete than I was in my mid 20s.
It seems to me the real answer is focus. When you are young, you only have your ideals, your dreams. You don't take up anything that doesn't help you reach those goals. You have one pitcher and one, maybe two-three glasses to fill.
As you get older, you have the same pitcher and keep adding more and more glasses. Some of them are small (watching 3s company) some of them are larger (reading all of the great works of russian fiction) some of them are gigantic (having a kid). Suddenly all of that water you used to pour into lifting/writing/playing guitar is a little harder to come by. That to me is why people who hit 35 and the wheels fall off. A great example is CES. He figured out how much of himself he could pour into getting fit, and he found a way to make that work. He gives me hope.
As we spend/spent time giving thanks for the things we were fortunate to get or be given, let's not lose sight of what is still within our reach.

training the past few days:
10 box jumps at 24" box
10 x squat to 12" box then vert. jump from box

intervals on the hand bike:
3 min
all at 200 watts and full rest.

worked up to 2 at 315

good mornings:
4x5 at 225 strict form working on hip extension and low back strength.
I'm going to keep pushing these up.

1a dumbbell press:
worked up to 5/5 at 95

1a dumbbell row:
4x 5/5 at 100

various grips, dead hang pause at top and bottom:
7,5,5,4 at bw

hand bike tabata:
average watts: 239 (including rest)


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