Friday, December 5, 2008


I had a good thanksgiving this year. I really like my in-laws and I feel like I'm part of the clan, which is a good feeling (even if they don't watch football, and make me wear a tie). I am going to miss being with my family over Christmas. Thanksgiving is not really a big holiday for my family, but Christmas, however, is a very big deal. I haven't been home for Christmas since.. well before I got married. I'm going to miss them.. but I'm not going to miss traveling over the holidays, nor am I going to miss Missouri weather.
I hope you all had a good thanksgiving, and a better holiday season.

Back on the roll. Open mat. Rolled with Sam. Good to have him back. He showed me a couple things. Basically, he baited me into getting in bad positions and then later showed me which were traps, and which really were opportunities.

in the gym.
Deads (conventional)
I decided to work on my back and hip strength so I'll be pulling conventional on Thursdays for a while. I was surprised at how "fast" I am pulling conventional, and how little strength I lost switching up. I also figured out a technique flaw: when I pull, I'm pulling unevenly. My right side "leads" the pull which causes all kinds of problems when I'm pulling heavy, and is the reason my SI joint on the right side is all jacked up. I need to figure out why I'm doing that, and fix it.
5 at 315
3 at 365
2 at 405
m at 455 (pulled unevenly, had an "ah-ha!" moment)
1 at 455
3x 2 at 405
1 at 405

purple band + 25 lbs

pull-up at bw (dead hang, pause at top and bottom)

5 pull ups, 8 G.H. ,
5 pull ups, 8 G.H.,
5 pull ups, 8 G.H.,
5 pull ups

clean, 5x ohp, 5x bent row, 30 sec rest
at 135

done and done.

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