Monday, December 1, 2008


Just the workouts for the past few days to be updated here, then some thoughts on family, life, the holidays, then if there's room a blurb or two about this past weekend.
Jitz. Woot! back on the mat. Learned some passes from half guard, good stuff, and rolled a bit. Felt like crap and moved similarly, but screw it I was back!
Benching with the wife:
worked up, then 4 singles at 235 and 2 at 245. These felt good.

Super set:
Glute ham
8 at purple band + 25
10/10 at bw

C.S. Rows:
15 at 1 plate
12 at 2
8 at 3
5 at 4
4 at 4
12 at 3
15 at 2
20 at 1
(lots of benching= lots of rows)

30 minutes of medicine ball throw and chase (walking) at 12 lb med ball.

Several rounds of eating.

Jitz, day class.
good class, moving better.
Worked on getting to half guard from the bottom of mount.

friday fun:
10x front squat
250m erg
10x clean
250m erg
10x push press
250m erg
10x dead lift
250m erg
10x pull-up
250m erg
all lifts done at 135.

skin funk again. no class. Not a re-occurrence. New spot, same malady. Total bummer.

worked up to a single at 455 and barely ground it out.
did 4 singles at 405.
felt like crap. No gas, my emotions were all over the place. Pissed about the return of the skin issues, couldn't find my black bands. I had been cooking all morning, and didn't really eat. I was flat out of whack.
Started to do a couple sets of pull ups, and decided to bag it.
Went for a bit of a walk to clear my head and called it good.

medicine ball throws:
10x over head
10x triple extension
10/10x side throws.
at 12 lb ball.

I am working on getting a bigger medicine ball.. maybe making one. We'll see.
that was my training for the past weekend. As you can see more volume and more work on dynamic movements. That is going to be the norm as I take 4-8 weeks to get quicker, lighter, and more explosive.


AE said...

Ooh, ooh! I like to indulge in amateur dermatology in my spare time. Can I guess the particular variety of skin funk afflicting you? Ringworm? Maybe mat herpes? Hopefully not staph!

J. B. said...

Spoken like a true Iowegian.
Not staph.

AE said...

My brother rather clumsily courted his current girlfriend by telling her all about his mat herpes. She mentioned she worked for a dermatologist, and it was the first comment that popped into his mind. As he was speaking, he was thinking to himself, "Mat herpes? What the hell? Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking!"

J. B. said...

Your brother always was suave.
How are your siblings these days?