Monday, December 15, 2008


Sorry dear reader. I forgot that I will be in training all week, so my posting may be sporatic.
the weekend's training:
Day: I have vacation that must be used or will be lost at year's end, so I used 4 hours of it friday, and went to jiu-jitsu day class. Basic stuff, because we had loads of new guys. key lock to arm-bar. A good time was had, and I was pretty tired by the end.
partner work: 3 stations

A1) push prowler high handles down, low back
A2) pant heavily (rest)
2 trips each person(this is the timing station)

B) partner med ball squats: squat down/up, catch med ball from partner, squat, throw...

C1)5x push-up w/ renegade row
C2) plank (switch every 5 reps)
3 rounds 1 minute rest between stations.
started out 3:1 work/rest ended up nearly 4:1.
Good times

Saturday day.
there was a "introductory class" before class on saturday. Some of my friends were attending so I went to go help out. We covered standing in base, hip escape, 1 takedown to side control, a key-lock and arm-bar. Everyone had a lot of fun. After that was open mat. I rolled a lot. My game is opening up, but I need to set things up more, and shoot for them less. That will take time.

by saturday afternoon I was exhausted. I went to the gym, and really scaled things back:
worked up to 3x 225

set up, pulled 1 warm-up rep and bailed.

10,8,8,8 at purple band

1a kneeling cable rows:
12/12 at 110
8/8 at 120 x 3

Stretch/foam roll/relax.
I ended up sleeping for 10 hours saturday night-sunday morn. My CNS needed some love.

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