Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Bettie..

Bettie Page passed last night at the age of 85. Singularly one of the greatest expressions of the human form ever recorded. Who knows how repressed we'd be today if she hadn't softened things in the early 1950s.

Training last night:
I have decided in order to get a bit more volume and incorporate more energy systems work I am going to use some pyramids and cluster sets.

Deads (conventional):
build up, then 4,3,2,1 pyramid at 405

chins: cluster sets:
10 total reps
all at bw.

build up to 2x 10 total reps at 185

1a cable row:
8/8 at 110
3x 6/6 at 120

Prowler pushes:
high handles down, low handles back
90 lbs.

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