Monday, December 8, 2008


Big weekend.
Friday, monster workout:

ladder 1/1 to 5/5 at 44

renegade row w/ push-up (rest taken in plank)
ladder 1 to 10 at 35 lb dumbells

set erg for 500m and 10 sec rest
5oo all out rest 10
450 all out, paddle 50, rest 10
400 all out, paddle 100, rest 10
done. There is more to that story, but I want to get into saturday, so to summerize: I need to eat more on fridays.

Saturday, There was an open mat and get together at GB seattle. It was crazy. There were 3 full schools packed into one small mat space. I only got one roll in because I'm always afraid to land on someone when things get that crowded. If small people crash into each other, it's not a big deal, but when big people land on small people they break. So I was content to hang out with my friends and just be there and watch the different black belts roll. We lined up and Professor Rodrigo promotes some of his guys, and he announces that Micah has one promotion to make. Long story short, it was me. I am now a blue belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu. It feels weird to even write that. I am no longer a novice. I am expected to bring a certain level of competancy when I train or compete. It was weird to stand out in front of all of those people and have what is really a personal moment. Now more than ever I feel bonded to my school, my friends and my professor. What sucks is that I am not going to be able to go back to class till saturday because of work comitments. Such is life, it will give me time to reflect on things.

Since there was no lifting on Saturday, I lifted yesterday:
Floor press:
worked up to 1 at 245

deads (conventional):
worked up to 2 at 365 + purple bands

1a kneeling cable rows:
3 sets of 6/6 at 110



Jesse said...

Awesome dude! Congratulations on the promotion and the limelight.

J. B. said...

It was pretty rad. I still get excited thinking about it.

ces said...

Well done.

From the tone of your post, I gather it was somewhat of a surprise?

Anonymous said...


watch your ankles....they're fair game now.


J. B. said...

I was surprised. I don't know why, A couple of people have told me I was due, but I just didn't think it would be that day.

Paul, I am terribly afraid of the ankle locks. Oh noes!

thanks for the messages guys. I appreciate it.