Monday, November 17, 2008

Some people call me the space cowboy...

Steve Miller was following me around all weekend. It was weird. I couldn't get away from him. People at work playing him, on the radio to the boathouse, on the way to the academy. I haven't heard Steve Miller in a couple of years, then this weekend he was everywhere.
Could be worse I guess.

Friday fun:
5x whip smash
50 ft hand over hand drag (120 lbs)
short walk to bar
10x hang clean 135
8 rounds

bonus round:
5x whip smash
50 ft hand over hand drag (120 lbs)
short walk to bar
10x hang clean and press 135

Transition from side control to knee on belly to mount and defense.
Open mat.

after noon:
speed deads 6 singles at 365+ purple bands.
ab work

UFC 91
Good night for the jiu-jitsu guys. Damian Maia is a total stud. Dustin Hazlett also performed impressively. Some very techincial grappling was on display for several fights and really none of the fights were snoozers. Good night for the UFC (particularly with the beast taking the heavyweight belt).

There was a memorial row for family friend and venerable member of the Seattle rowing community Charley McIntyre on sunday. I had intended to row, but circumstances outside my control left me riding in the launch with the wife and brother-in-law. Great day, flat water and a lot of people having fun doing what he taught most of them to do. I can't think of a better way to be remembered.

I have some skin funk that will keep me off the mat for a couple of days. So I'll be doing intervals and complexes at the gym for the next few days.
Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

sorry i missed friday night....hope you had a good group that showed up, worked hard and had fun

---- paul
--- somewhere in WI