Sunday, November 2, 2008

Old ghosts..

This weekend was a weekend from a lifetime ago: it was a rugby weekend.
Friday I set up the workout. Fox and the hound(s):
One person in the group sets the pace.
1 minute intervals.
5 man-makers per minute, rest of the minute is rest.
if any of the "hounds" don't finish 5 in 1 minute, then the next minute do 5 burpees, then back on the man-makers.
Go until the fox misses.
I did 1/2 a round, I thought my back could handle the light load.. it couldn't.
Paul kicked out an astounding 20 rounds.
Joe and Michelle kept chasing.
I hate punking out on a workout. Especially one as brutal as this one. I hate standing there counting minutes when I should be suffering with my friends. I would never put them through something that I wouldn't do myself.

Yesterday, I couldn't go to jitz. If I had, I'd have been miserable. I went to a rugby game instead.. No I didn't play. The team I'd worked with a few weeks ago, played a game, and won. THey're better than I'd thought, and should be even better than that. They won by 5 points, and should have won by 25. I gave some notes to the coaches. I might be working with them some more next season. We'll see how it goes. I did go to the gym after that.
Box jumps:
10x5 at 24" box. Ideally a 30" box, but my choices are 24 or 36.
hand bike:
4x2 minutes at 215 watts
1 minute at 215
1 minute at 225

My back is healing up.. slowly.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be fully capapble.
hope you're feeling well.

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