Friday, October 31, 2008

spooky stuff.

Insert obligatory Halloween well wishing here.
I'm tired and not particularly creative.
I do like Halloween though. The dark and macabre side of our existence lose their power if we embrace them. Turn fear into fun, and confront the fact that we're all going to die.. so maybe if being (un)dead is a big costume party.. it won't be so bad.
What's not to like?

Last night we were doing some network cut-overs at work. So I was here late. Fortunately we have a gym on site, and I was able to work, train, eat, and go back to work.

last night's training:
loads of single leg work
3x5/5 of 3 exercises
reverse lunges at 2x50 dumbbells
1 leg deads at 2x50

pull ups various grips
30 total reps at bw

5x2 at 2xmm band+155
ton of tension here.
I need to get faster.

face pulls:
20 at 40,60,80,80

tabata jump rope sprints.
4 minutes


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