Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watch the watch..

I felt like I could make a go of it at class last night, but I have played the injury game before, and decided to sit out one more class.
I went to the gym before:
hand bike:
10 minute interval program level 15
average watts 108

1 set of 5 every 45 seconds.
Set took 12-15 seconds.
2:1 rest/work interval

5 minute cool down on the slide board.

Went to class and watched the technique portion.
They went over sprawl to hip control to clock choke.
nothing new.
tonight still taking it easy on the back so lots of glute-hams, pull ups and some resisted push-ups.


Jesse said...

Hang tough JB.

Did you figure out what exactly happened to your back?

J. B. said...

Thanks man. 'nother couple of days I'll be good.
I had hat some S.I. joint issues, and trying to protect those I pulled an intercostal muscle, and being prideful I still tried to train through it.