Thursday, October 9, 2008

working my way out of the weeds.

Catching up today.
Tuesday, got a good lift in. I'm going to keep from loading my spine this week tues, thurs, and then go at it heavy next week. The wife brought home some interesting germs from school and I'm trying to let my immune system recoup. Felt like poo yesterday and stayed home from work.
Tuesday's lifting:
glue hams
5x5 @ light band + 10kgs.

worked up to 2 @ 185 + light band.
the band pressure at the top of these is incredible.
I am going to go back to band benching for a while.

20 total reps @ bw

standing cable rows:
4 x 8 @ stack.

sweating out the sick:
20 minutes of very light intervals on the hand bike, and some medicine ball work.

single leg work, more band benching, pull-ups and chest supported rows.

hopefully I'll be out of the weeds. I leave for Boston a week from yesterday, and want to make sure I'm over this cold before then.

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