Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The sandal has conquered the boot.

About 150 years ago, in a far off place called St. Louis, Missouri, there lived a band. They often would start shows with "the boot will conquer the sandal!" As someone who has eschewed shoes for most of my life, I was a little put off, but the Urge kicked much ass. While resistant I traded my flops for some docs (ok, I owned boots for a while before that, but I wore them more often). They were one of those rare bands that were both high-octane, and super proficient. They put on a great show and their albums were super tight. THe problem: they were one of those 90s multi-genre fusion bands (funk/punk/metal/ska) and that went out of style.
At their height they were featured on a movie soundtrack (the underrated Titan A.E.) Cranked out a couple records for Epic, and then just ran out of gas.

for your viewing and listening pleasure...
Ladies and gentlemen.. The Urge~!

there are a couple others on youtube, but they won't allow me to embed.. bastards.

Went to jiu-jitsu last night worked on some stuff, and had a couple good rolls.
Simple relaxed stuff.

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