Monday, September 8, 2008

UFC 88 thoughts and a busy weekend.

First things first:
Friday workout:
sprint 50m
kb swing 10/10 @ 44
sprint 50m
3x slosh pipe two hands any-how.
2:1 rest:work

then 2x slosh pipe over head holds for time (clock starts at lockout):
Killed the current friday fun record by more than double, feelin pretty good.

Friday night the wife had to go to a boat dedication. I skipped it and grabbed some grub with the kids.
Saturday I went to class, and worked a couple sweeps I already 'knew' but didn't really know well enough to actually work. Then a couple hard sparring sessions. My hamstring cramped (probably from the sprints the night before) So I rolled hard, but took lots of rest in between.
Saturday night was the 50th anniversery of my rowing club. It was fun, but the food was dubious. The wife and I snuck off to get some grub, and by the time we came back the party was over.
Sunday, I watched UFC 88:
Quick hits:

Dong Hyun Kim and Matt Brown both looked good. If Brown is decent, Kim could be scary good if he gets his striking together.

Martin Kampmann needs to cut some weight and get down to 170. He's too small to compete at 185. Nate Marquardt handled him, and with that much of a size difference there wasn't much he could do about it.

Dan Henderson is no slouch. The heel hook he defended was scary.

Rousimar Palhares needs to work on his stand-up, but his ground game is unbelieveable.

Matt Hamill needs to train at a different camp. He appears to have hit a plateau with his tactics and striking skills. He needs to go to Xtreme Couture, Team Punishment or even Down to Greg Jackson's camp to move up to that next level.

Chris Leben vs. Count Bisping.. THAT's a headliner?

Speaking of the Natural, his fight with Brock Lesner is going to be interesting. Randy has beaten everyone the punters have thought would clean his proverbial clock, but at the same time Lesner is unlike anyone else in MMA. His speed, quickness and power negate everyone (thus far) take down defense. If the Natrual can stay off his back, it should be an interesting fight.

Chuck needs to learn to avoid that traveling right hook. It's the same punch that rampage beat him with, and Rashad Evens put it to good use.

Speaking of Evans, just admit you're a boring fighter, and quit dancing around and showboating. I did not tune in to the UFC to watch dancing, I do not find it entertaining. If I did, I'd be watching the "Dancing with the stars" PPV event, not the UFC.

All in all a good weekend.

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