Friday, September 5, 2008

'Cause I'm T.N.T.

I'm dine-O-mite!

Trained at the boathouse last night so that I could take my time and get some squatting done, and not have to worry about some schmoe wanting to use the rack. Bonus benefit: squatting barefoot. Not so bonus is the women's crew was training there before me their cd started off solid (see the title) but quickly went to pot from there.
I haven't squatted anything close to heavy since my back injury a few months back, so I was pretty careful.
15" box
5x3 @ 275
2x2 @ 295
I could have gone much heavier, but like I said I was being careful, and having been sick most of this week, I just wanted to get in, get the reps done, and get out safely.

bent rows:
worked up by 5s to 5@ 185.
In and out. Still on the recovery path.
My back feels good today, my hips are a little sore, but feeling good.
tonight's friday fun workout is going on a field trip to the local college track!

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