Monday, September 22, 2008

Report back to me when it makes sense.

Went to see "Burn after Reading" on saturday. It's an old school Cohen brothers flick: dark, grisly, witty and funny. I recommend it to all but the faint of heart.

Friday fun:
We acquired a new toy: 50 ft of 7/8" nylon rope.
workout was:
Sled drag: 90lbs+tire
two handed rope work (*see below)
Sled drag: 90lbs+tire
hand over hand drags @ tire+135


Jitz: worked some passes to knee on belly. Good stuff that works into my game.
Then rolled with a few folks. The night before's training kicked my butt, so I had to take a few breaks. I was cramping pretty bad. I need to watch my water intake.

Afternoon training:
Worked with the wife on her bench technique. She pressed a PR of 150.
Then I did some intervals:
5x 30 sec on 1 min off on the erg
10 minutes of 1 min on 1 off on the hand bike.
on: 180 watts
off: 60 watts


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