Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forgot my shoes, so I lifted barefoot.

Well sometimes it happens.
Lifting at the boathouse is nice because I can play loud "my momma don't love me" music, and do things like lift barefoot. It's simple basic and dirty, but it limits some of the stuff I can do. So.. I still got plenty of work in.

Romanian DL:
worked up to
5x4 @ 325

5 @ bw
3x3 @ +20
2x5 @ bw

Bench (done "bottoms up" from a power rack)
Once nice thing about the boathouse power rack is that the rails sit juuuuuust high enough over the bench that you can shimmy under the bar. That allows you.. or me.. to bench from a dead stop. Which is much harder.
worked up to 225
3 singles and 1 double

5x8 @ MM band pulled tight.

Done and done.

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