Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play some Skynyrd, Mahayn!

Last night, did a bunch of arm bars, triangles, oma platas. It was a lot of volume for the time alloted.
I'm all for ingraining technique, but practice makes permanent, and only perfect practice makes perfect. Still, I got better. My knee is pissed at me for all of the triangles though.

I've been listening to an album a friend gave me.
Skynyrd is prominently featured.


Jesse said...

Glad you like it, man.

That album inspired a renaissance (if that word may be applied in this case) of my Southern roots as well as a wholly new and non-ironic appreciation for the Skynyrd thing.

J. B. said...

I did, I do. I can appreciate the duality of the southern thing. I myself am loaded with it.

I went through a period of pretending that I never liked Guns-n-roses, Skynyrd, even Johnny Cash, and the Hanks.. I fought the little drawl that my father passed on to me (along with my left-handedness, blue eyes and dyslexia) but it was a pair of shoes that didn't fit. The bottlerockets' first album was the one that made me realize that the man in black can have as much impact as black flag.