Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sold my plasma in Amsterdam.

Spent it all in a nights.
Radio in the gym today was playing Eurotrash girl by Cracker.
Great song.
Good weekend. Didn’t watch the fights on Saturday. I had a hunch that Forrest Griffen could pull of the upset even though logically I knew Rampage was going to bury him. Hunch was right, brain was wrong.. stupid brain. Kudos to Forrest (who really needs a nickname) the dude just wins fights.
Sunday taught a Learn to row class, then went and had some breakfast with the wife. We drank coffee and read books stared at the people walking around in their summer garb. Later we hung hammocks in the back yard and read napped and swung till dinner needed making. Everyone should have a hammock.
Yesterday, was jiu-jitsu and really nothing else. Basics class was Kimoura and uma-plata from guard. Advanced/mixed class was just sparring. I had a couple good technical rolls. Some folks are getting ready for the no-gi tournament this weekend. I thought about doing it, but with the vacation and holiday my weight is a little high. I don’t want to be cutting much, and I don’t want to be competing above 205.
Worked out at lunch today:
Warm up:
Kb snatch 3x10/10 @ 44

5,4,4 @ bw+35

Incline dumbbell bench.
10/10 @ 65
5/5 @ 80 x3

Chest supported rows:
4x5 @ 145.
I don’t really like the CSR machine at my work gym. I’ll have to figure something else.
glute hams and some other leg work, then more BJJ tonight.


Jesse said...

I've actually been listening to a lot of David Lowrey of late. He's long been a favorite lyricist of mine, be it with Cracker or otherwise.

J. B. said...

What else was he in (besides cracker and camper van beethoven)
I like both of those bands alot.

Jesse said...

That'd be the extent of my knowledge of him. I suppose he has a few solo tunes, but largely it's Cracker and CVB. Lowrey's my kind of front man lately: Generally bearded and despondent.

I saw them (Camper van Beethoven) a couple of years back (maybe '04?). It was stellar.