Saturday, July 5, 2008

A fresh batch of america balls..

Well gentle readers, I am back to it.
Thursday was spent in the gym pulling heavy iron.
Deadlifts (sumo):
worked up to a single at 455.
then 4 singles at 405
then snatch grip conventional deads on 1" platform:
5 singles at 315. Working on hip strength and ROM. There will be more of this type of work in my future.
1A Rows:
4x 4/4 @ 100

Various grips 25 total reps.
Very little rest.

Friday was great.
Open mat at jiu-jitsu, several good rolls. Mostly short.
Then some conditioning work at the boathouse:
two couplets.
A) Man makers @ 35 lb dumbells
B) suspended planks

A) single kb rack hold
B) 1 leg kb SL deads.

1 minute rounds. twice through each couplet x2.
The idea is to do movement based exercises at a high intensity coupled with "core" (for want of a better term) stabilizer work. This allows us to do movement based conditioning and work on endurance of the stabilizing musculature. It worked great, though I think next time around I'll substitute briefcase deadlift/holds for the kb rack holds.

After training went out to dinner, movie, and fireworks with a good chunk of the 'friday fun' group.

Today, I just went to class. It was the last class for one of my good friends (a term I do not throw out lightly). He is moving to San Diego, and the school will be poorer for his absence.
Hope you had a good holiday.

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