Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hips, jitz, chips and dips.

Busy night last night.
Training at the gym:
Mobility/warm up.
Then glute hams:
4x8 @ 45 lb plate behind my head.

Then S.L. deads:
8 reps each @ 225, 275, 315.

Then off to class.
We worked on a choke and triangle from guard.
I sparred once, but was pretty half-vast.
Then we headed out to Kris’ place for his going away.
I didn’t stay long. I had fun, but I kept catching myself fading off into my own head. I wasn’t really in the mood to make conversation. I’m pretty quiet to begin with, and that didn’t exactly help.
Getting’ over the hump today.
I’ll be in training all next week. Fyi.
So I may be posting a lot, or not at all.

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