Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skinny guys fight till they're burger..

Small class at jiu-jitsu last night.
I was the only "big guy" at class, so I rolled with smaller folks. First we learned rear naked choke to choke to arm-bar transition, then a funky arm bar from back control, that I didn't quite get.
Most of my rolls were pretty good. One was frustrating. I hate it when upper belts decide to "take it easy" on me. It's one thing to leave an opportunity and see if I know how to exploit it, or try something you're not sure of to see if it works in sparring. It's wholly another to get into a position, and then lay there, with the attitude of "ok, submit me so we can move on," or worse not only give up a submission, but "lean into it." You're the upper belt if you're in a position you don't like or a submission, get out of it (or at least check the submission to make sure it's tight). To just give in is disrespectful and it doesn't teach the lower student anything. I'm not saying you should flatten and annihilate lower belts when you roll, but show them the respect of competition. Try things you're not very good at, but try. It in retrospect it's not a big deal, a waste of a roll, but I don't like to waste anything.
"You can drill and waste your time or you can drill and get better. Either way we will drill."
-Dan Gable
This is not the norm, and I could have a lot more to complain about. Still, it bugs me.
Happy 5th of May.

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