Monday, May 5, 2008


Couple of weeks ago I did some assessments on myself (and the other guys) I wasn't going to post it, but since CES posted his from this morning, I was inspired. First off CES totally kicked butt. He's dropped a ton of weight, and has become an athlete again.

My numbers:
wt: 210
bf%:16% (Good for me, fat kids have a hard time not being fat adults I'd like to get this in the 11-13% range)
Ideal wt (10% bf):194
resting hr:57
Vertical:21" (not great, but better than previous bests)
Broad jump:83"
*this assessment was done the day after a max deadlift workout, so the jump tests are to be taken with a proverbial grain of salt.
My posture looks far better, and I passed the impingement tests, so good for me and my repaired shoulder.
Now, more blue-collar work on mobility, and strength. Keep the diet as is, and try to get leaner by getting stronger, and pushing the LBM up.


Jesse said...

Just so you know, JB: In my head you're 6'3".

I suppose I should hop on the assessment train too...Been awhile since I've done any sort of testing at all. I measured at 16% bf in December. I feel like that hasn't changed and I guess I just don't want to know.

J. B. said...

Would that that were true, CES and I are both pretty..ahem.. compact. Him more than me.

All the cool kids are doing it.

ces said...

Ha! "compact" indeed.

Well done to you too!
I like your vertical and broad jump ideas. Actually, I've some thoughts about the YMCA Fitness Assessment I'm trying to compile. Certainly, I don't think the 80# bench-for-reps is the ultimate strength test, but I'm not quite sure yet what is.
More on that as my thoughts develop.

Anyway, thank you much for your encouragement and well done for you - especially healing that bum shoulder.

J. B. said...

It was either 'compact' or 'dense' the latter having intellectual implications that I'm not really sure of.

We actually also did reactive vert tests too, mostly to show a couple of the guys that while they are very "springy" they need to increase their max strength. Mine was 1:1 so I didn't include it here.

full body strength:
Push press
I like jumps because there is less of a learning curve.
upper body strength is a bit more tricky:
I have seen some people do lying medicine ball throws for height.. interesting idea, a bit gimmicky.
(Max bench+max row)/bw is a good one, but it's hard to do a 1rm bent row.

It's not easy being an adult with injuries a job and a house payment (let alone kids) to really keep your standards of fitness up. The disorders of old age are not flabbyness or slow metabolism, but and erosion of standards.