Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If it weren't for setbacks we'd all be millionaires.

Yesterday's workout started off fine. I warmed up, started squatting. I worked up to doubles at 225+chains. I was having some issues with my hips coming up faster than the bar, but I thought I'd work it out. Well my 4th set first rep I came off the box and "POW" something popped in my lower back just left of my spine, I knew I was in trouble because it wasn't just a sound or feeling, but I saw a flash in my vision. I calmly racked the bar, cleared the weights, then went home to ice. I'm pretty fricken sore today. This is an injury, not just an owie. I'm going to be on the shelf, at least for a few days. You train hard, sometimes you get hurt. It's my own fault. My form was off, I knew it, and I decided to try to correct it as I went. I'll have plenty of time to think about it.


Jesse said...

Heal up soon, man. That's a real bummer.

Hopefully it's nothing that some ice and IB's won't fix.

For the downtime, I recommend LOST.

J. B. said...

I think (hope?.. think) it's not going to be a long injury, (or one the requires medical intervention) but it is a bit of a wake-up. I have some imbalances I was trying to work through/around.. no more. I am going to fix my sheeot and then get back to it.

I have heard good things about LOST, the last thing I need is to get into another T.V. show. The wife and I watch Rescue Me on dvd, and that show is great. I am going to keep going to jiu-jitusu class and watch, see if I can pick up some of the techniques without doing them. Keep my head in the game.

How's the thumb coming along?

Jesse said...

What kind of imbalances, JB? The kind of stuff you'd be able to address with unilateral work?

I'm glad that you're managing to stay pretty mobile. It always helps me mentally if I can at least do's just awful when you're totally laid up.

The joint at the base of my thumb still hurts quite a bit and my grip is pretty weak (I finally managed the use my nail clippers with my left hand over the weekend, which was pretty exciting). But at this point I think it's just stiff and painful and I need to get function back, which will only come through use.

As for the bike, I did a training race two days ago and...well..I guess a good way to put it would be that, even with the banged up thumb, the race hurt about as much as usual.

Thanks for checking.

And as for LOST: stay away unless you have some serious time to burn because you'll have to get the whole first 3 seasons x 24 episodes down before catching any of the new stuff.

J. B. said...

My hammies tend to overpower my glutes, that combined with my mobility issues (which are getting better, but by no means are good) got me laid up.
Seems like a small thing, but if you don't extend the hips and keep your arch as you're finishing the squat you can hurt your back (duh). I was trying to bring up my glutes and work my mobility while continuing to work all at once, but I think more focus is more prudent. So that means high rep light squats for moblity. Heavy pulls, pull throughs, RDLs and glute hams for glute strength, are going to be a staple of my proverbial diet for the next several weeks.

Glad to hear you're returning to normal. Injuries to your back, ribs, abs, and thumb always suck because you use those parts far more than you realize.

That's quite a commitment, I'm not ready to make yet. I still haven't gotten through all of the episodes of Arrested Development.