Friday, May 2, 2008

Float away, Float away.

Yesterday was the last rowing class of a session. I always have fun with these classes, I like coaching and it's fun to see people "get it." The students row in an 8 and I follow along in a little fiberglass skiff. The skiffs are always semi-full of water, and I always just kick my shoes off on the dock and go barefoot (yes, I am a hill-billy.. you should know this by now). We had a great class, the sun was shining, and the weather finally warmed up, and the kids (all local university students) were really humming along (considering this was their 8th class on the water). Before "Opening Day" in Seattle the boat traffic is pretty minimal, so the water was great. We finish up class and head to the dock, I gun the motor, then turn it off to let the skiff sort of glide into position, and a huge wake comes along and throws my little skiff away from the dock. I have to get my paddle out and re-orient the boat and paddle back to the dock. I make it, cursing the jerk that waked the crap out of me, and am thankful my students were already safely on the dock (rowing boats swamp pretty easily, a big wake can actually fill them up with water). I tie the boat off to the cleat, and look over to see a strange shape floating in the water.. That's weird.. it looks like MY SHOE!! both my shoes! they were floating off, headed for Ballard. I quickly untie my skiff and fire the motor back up and retrieve my shoes. I love these shoes (mine are brown, the picture is "charcoal") They are a flat sole that mimics walking barefoot. They come in all kinds of spiffy styles, and float marvelously.

dead lifts from a 4" advantage:
worked up to 475.

8 supinated grip
4 1 hand neutral/1 supinated
4 (switch)
4 pronated

Incline bench (oh how I loathe thee)
5@135 (long pause)

3 point 1a rows (feet on the ground, 1 hand on a bench)

good mornings (playing with lighten method)
2-3 more sets of same only with MM bands lightening the load on the decent.

Potluck today at work, which means lots of tasty Vietnamese food.

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