Thursday, May 1, 2008

You can't hide a redneck under that hippy hair..

-Doug Sahm

Well, actually you can.. at least politically (especially on May day). The term Redneck has come to mean a lot of things. Those that self identify as such might be surprised where that term comes from. The first usage of the term is in Scotland, not Appalachia. Where presbyterians wore red cloths to represent the blood of Christ. Here in the states the most reasonable explanation for the term has more to do with Mother Jones than Minnie Pearl. In 1921, coal miners in Logan County, West VA wore red bandannas around their necks in clashes with Government troops to identify who was "fur'em" and who was "again'em." Most famously at the Battle of Blair Mountain. Union wars are at the core of what it means to be a true redneck, but for some reason working folks in the south have lost sight of their own left leaning history. Too many pill popping idiots and goofy man-child faux-texans have created this idea that to allow the company you work for grind you into a pulp is noble. That you have to let government subsidies leverage your family farm, that you have to suffer in silence while the rich get richer and you get poorer. Take today to embrace your redneck heritage. Look at some of the links above, see who you have more in common with? An Ivy League Connecticut Yankee? Or the daughter of an Irish tenant farmer?
Don't get caught up in politics and names, look to see who's looking out for you, and who's looking out for their pocketbook. Remember that in November.
Happy May day!

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