Thursday, April 10, 2008

If you work on something it will get better.

Low volume lifting last night, just trying to get back in the swing of things.
Squats: all off a 12" box. My previous best was off of a 14" box. All of the mobility work I've been doing and the OHS are starting to pay off. I'm going to start free squatting my warm-ups work on getting truly ass-to-grass.
worked up to 2x2@225+chains.

5@ bw

Incline bench: this seems to really work the weak sections of my bum shoulder, so as loathe as I am I'm going to be doing more of these.

db bent rows:
3x8/8 @ 75

1A db static holds:
3x15missippi each side @ 100 lbs
these were mostly for fun, I do a lot of planks for core stability, and this is a novel way to change things up.

This was good to be able to try out a couple things to see how my body responds.
I'll be picking up the volume here shortly.

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