Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Belly button?

Last night, I was getting ready for bed, and I felt some stuff in my belly button.. nothing new. I have an "innie" and it gets lint from time to time (always blue, I don't know why. I could be dressed head to toe in orange and yellow, and I swear my navel lint would be blue.. maybe the navel produces it's own lint.. hmm must research) so I go to retrieve the lint that has collected there in (you know, cause I'm all hygenical an stuff) and I pull some weird lint out and then my navel starts to hurt a little. Weird, belly-button pain is not exactly on my "hot list." I stick my finger back in there to sort of "check things out" and I have blood on my finger. Rather disconcertingly I am bleeding from the navel. Not one to panic, I go to the bathroom and swab out my navel with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Producing a rather peculiar stinging sensation, and more blood, and then I just sort of left it alone.
I remember when my folks brought my brother home from the hospital. There was this big clothes pin looking thing on his umbilical chord. When my mother very scientifically explained what it was for (the cord, and the pin) I became very worried that the pin would fall off and that my baby brother would "go flat." Belly buttons are weird.


Jesse said...

Did you find the source of the blood, JB?

Unlike a man of your steadfast composure, I am one to PANIC. And this particular sort of thing would have me combing the navel for weeks looking for the fat TICK I'm sure would be lodged there.

I hate ticks, dude, and any occasion to irrationally become convinced that I've picked up a tick gets fleshed out to the fullest extent possible.

Sorry for the sickness. Hope you're back in top form soon.

J. B. said...

No, I'm taking sort of the "don't ask don't tell" stance on this whole thing.

I hate ticks too. As amazing as this sounds.. we don't have ticks out here in the PNW. Cool huh?
I was amazed. go camping for 3-4 days out here have 1-2 skeeter bites and no ticks. Go camping back in Missour-uh: 567 skeeter bites and have small metropolis' of ticks gnawing at your nads.

I am feeling much better, thanks. I'm even hitting the gym tonight.

ces said...

My belly button also seems to produce its own lint. Also, always blue. Never thought much of it. Always just kinda thought everyone's that way. Now you got me thinkin'.

Your bloody belly button reminds me of a bad joke I thought was pretty funny when I was a kid.

What do you call a hula hoop with a nail through it?

A navel destroyer.