Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth day.

Today is earth day.
I was driving in, the mountains were clearly visible above the Seattle skyline. The trees along 99 are just starting to bud. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I hope there are still some wild places when my children's children are growing up. I hope we have not changed our world's climate to a degree that we as a species can no longer survive. Earthday is about hope. I believe that firmly.. and I believe there is hope:
hope that we can have our lives and keep this planet livable.
hope that there is enough profit and pressure that the corporate world/our elected officials will stop monkey-wrenching efforts of regular folks to do right.
hope that there are places in this world, in this country that will not be clear cut, drilled for oil, mined, settled or used as a dumping ground. Places that will not be someone's "profit center" but they will simply be wild places.
Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is the friends and family I have made in recent years, but a few years ago I would have not had such hope. It is going to be an up-hill struggle, but there are still possibilities.

Last night's BJJ:
worked on rolling to guard from turtle. Worked on a triangle from there. Learned a couple of arm-bar defenses. Need to practice the latter.. I am sure I will get plenty of chances.
In sparring I worked the arm-bar variations I learned at the seminar, and the 1/2 guard escape.
My game is coming along. Just need to give it more time, and practice.

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