Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thanks easter bunny.

Easter weekend. Went to the in-laws this morning. Had a blast. The wife and I won the family egg toss this year.
Yesterday, went to open mat, got a few rolls in, and worked some specific holes in my game.

That afternoon did 3x10 minutes @ 150 watts on the hand bike. Those are the longest intervals I'll do. Keep working that edge of anaerobic. I don't believe that there is much benefit in working longer than that for a sport that only lasts 5-7 minutes in competition.

This morning I did a quick and light workout to burn a few extra cals (I knew there'd be good food at the in-laws)
1 pyramid on the erg: on/off
all at no rest.
then 100x kb snatch with the 35.
I fly to California in 4 days. By this time Friday, I'll be done.
Long time coming, can't believe it's almost here.


Jesse said...

Are the Pan Ams this weekend?

Best of luck!

J. B. Zero said...

Friday March 28.
looks like 16 people in my bracket.
so that means 4 matches (at most)
I'm getting nervous.
Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.