Monday, March 24, 2008

Dreaming of cake.

I have been cutting weight a bit. I have been smart about it, and loading up on fibrous veggies and protein to keep myself full, cutting back on carbs, and cutting out all refined carbs (aside from a cookie on Saturday nights). While it hasn't left me wanting in most of my waking hours, I have been dreaming of confections for the past couple of weeks. My subconscious seems to be screaming out for refined carbs. Last night I dreamt that I ate an entire strawberry cake. It wasn't a laborious task, nor was it a gluttonous snarfuling up of the cake. I slowly and luxuriously enjoyed the entire cake.
My dreams often involve food. After having my tonsils out as a kid, my dreams were a smörgåsbord of chips, and crisp veggies (things I wasn't allowed to eat lest they jab open my sutures). During my last surgery my subconscious decided that I should be eating green beans.. with slivered almonds no less.
Once the competition is over I don't think my diet will change too much. My training has been going great, and I look leaner without having lost any/much muscle mass. I'll have desert from time to time, and there will be a few days of indulgence immediately after the tournament, but otherwise I fell pretty good about my diet, in spite of what my dreams may indicate.
This is the biggest area that people forget to work when they're training for a goal (get bigger, get smaller, get faster) they eat the same way they always did, they just change the quantity. As many people far smarter than me have said "You can't train your way around a bad diet."

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