Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An open letter to our goofy man-child president:

Thanks George.
Today is my birthday. Once again this year, millions of people will take to the streets in protest. Shouting and carrying signs of dissent. There will be candle-light vigils and mourning. Nothing like the specter of death, grisly mortality, and war to perk up the anniversary of one's coming into existence.
You turned what used to be a fairly innocuous day of personal celebration into a world wide day of mourning and protest. Couldn't your greedy money grubbing cronies wait a day or so to start this misguided campaign?
You're a short-sighted selfish jerk.
Thanks for screwing up my birthday.

last night's workout:
250m erg
20/20 kb snatch
no rest.
Slowest 250: 46.4 sec.

Then class, drills and stand-up, and more drills.

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