Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have been having trouble sleeping of late.. actually that is untrue.. or unclear. I have been having trouble waking from sleep. I have battled insomnia in the past, this is not that. I fall asleep fairly readily, but I keep waking up. Shifting, rolling over. By the time morning comes, I am still exhausted. I have gotten up early a few times to exercise, but honestly of late it's been neigh on impossible. I don't think it's terminal or anything, but it is unhandy.
Hopefully it's just stress related, and will pass.
I think tonight I'm going to try some melatonin and see if that helps.


super jive said...

You probably know about this, but I am a big fan of valerian. Some people find it dehydrating, but it's just the thing for me.

Code name: 1% said...

That sounds undoubtedly stress-related. Happens to me all the time. I know drugs aren't a good long-term answer, but if nothing else is working than I see nothing wrong with taking some Tylenol PM. Just try not to do it more than a couple nights in a row or you'll have trouble sleeping again without it the first night.

J. B. Zero said...

I might try the valerian, but it messes with some people's blood sugar, and I can't really afford that right now.
The Tylenol PM isn't really my style.
Drugs are bad, mkay.