Sunday, March 9, 2008


I've seen a few movies lately..
The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford.

I really wanted ot like this movie. The cinematography was great, all of the performances were good, but it wasn't edited well.. or seemingly at all. Too much navel gazing. If you like long winded "pretty" movies and have a long afternoon to kill slap it in your netflix. Otherwise, skip it.

Jesus Camp

Good doc. Scary, but I wasn't surprised as I lived in the middle of the environment being depicted (both geographically and politically) folks on the coasts will be appalled, middle americans will sort of shrug and say "yeah, there are some crazies about." In retrospect it was interesting to see "Pastor Ted" during his heyday.

I like Jason Statham, I really like Jet Li. I figured put your hands together, has to be great.. right? Wrong. Too many MTV cuts. Convoluted plot twist. Not enough butt-kickery.

I am looking forward to a good number of movies this summer:
Hellboy II
Iron man
Indiana Jones IV
and I'm intrigued by Speed Racer.
(Though if I'm honest, considering the people involved, the chances of Iron man sucking is pretty high)
Daylight savings has me feeling like ten pounds of rented fertilizer. Always does.

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