Friday, February 15, 2008

St. Valentines.

Met up with the wife, and went to our favorite sushi place for a quiet dinner. Nothing extravagant, but nice. They were pretty busy. I think they'd forgotten to staff up for the holiday. A couple people complained. We didn't. It's always interesting to see who shows up at a place like that on the holiday. Loads of people either very early in their relationship, or who have moved beyond the big expensive valentine. The time is worth more than the valentine.

Before that I had to get some work in:
clean and press


1A DB press
1A Row
5/5 all @ 75
5 chin-ups
rest 20 sec

Face pulls:
10 @ 80
5@ BW

This was the first time I've really done any dips since I got my shoulder fixed.
They felt good, but I'll have to be careful with them for a while.
I hope you did something nice for your sweetheart, and I hope they reciprocated.

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